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Quantum Computing Advancements

Join the Quantum revolution

Quantum computing is a transformative technology with the potential to revolutionize industries. Early adopters can maximize its benefits. Stay ahead with Black Opal and Fire Opal to leverage the power of quantum computing

Partnering for Quantum Computing Advancements

Mindset Systems partners with Q-CTRL, a global leader in developing useful quantum technologies to empower individuals and organizations to become quantum ready.

As Q-CTRL's partner in India, Mindset Systems is committed to accelerating the adoption of quantum technology and enable transformation in this rapidly evolving field. Through this partnership, Q-CTRL's acclaimed Black-Opal and Fire Opal Quantum Computing platform is set to revolutionize the quantum landscape in India

Learn quantum computing

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Go from zero background to programming real quantum computers

See the light in the dark

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Find illumination from algorithms run on today's quantum processors with automated error suppression

Latest Webinars​

The latest product updates and research findings presented by Q-CTRL expert team.​

Build a quantum-ready workforce

Quantum computing is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days with rising interest across industries, government and education. It’s important to stay ahead.​

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From automation to algorithms​

An introduction to building autonomy in the operation of quantum computing hardware and how the improved error rates we achieve impact on algorithmic success.​

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Quantum sensing with cold atoms

An introduction to quantum sensing applications and how a “software-first” approach leveraging quantum control is essential for realizing its true potential.​

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